Lamborghini Wannabe Hits the Road USA

Joining a long list of unknown companies with no prior experience that wish to enter the supercar building industry is firm called Arrinera Automotive. from Poland.
Last month, Arrinera showed the first prototype of its newly created sports car during a local presentation. Now the Polish firm has released some fresh photos as well as video footage of the prototype model on the road, which you can check out in detail after the jump.

Arrinera says the two-seat sports car rides on a tubular steel chassis with the body made of carbon fiber and Kevlar composite materials.

Motivation is said to come from a mid-mounted 6.2-liter supercharged LS9 V8 engine sourced from the 2011 Chevrolet ZR1 that's capable of delivering 638-horsepower and 819Nm (604 lb-ft) of peak torque.

New Honda CR-Z Limited Edition Yellow

New Honda CR-Z  Limited Edition Yellow
For some automakers such as Porsche and BMW, a black edition version of one of their cars means everything is finished in black, for others including Mazda and Holden, it's more like a secondary trim color.
Honda's CR-Z "α Black Label" ("Alpha Black Label") can be classed in the second category as the Japanese market only edition of the hybrid sports coupe justifies its name only through the color choices inside and to a lesser extent, the darker shade of the alloy wheels.

Inside, Japanese buyers can opt for black fabric or leather seats with a light blue stitching.

Honda offers several colors for the exterior including black, white and red, but the most interesting option is a new yellow finish that will be available in limited numbers.

Sales of the CR-Z "α Black Label" edition will commence in Japan on August 8 with prices starting from 2,510,000 yen (approx. US$32,400 or €22,700).

New Honda CR-Z Limited Edition Yellow

Lamborghini Wannabe Hits the Road USA

IED Turin graduate Samir Sadikhov took second place in the Ferrari World Design Contest with his Xezri concept, and now we have a full gallery of images as well as a video of the study.
Sadikhov explains that Xezri was named after, “a local wind which is in the western part of Caspian sea,” and that it exemplifies an innovative, high-technology solution to the needs of a lightweight car for both the road and track.

It is, he says, “a synthesis of its technological knowledge and its sporting experience,” that embodies, “the quintessence of Ferrari past and present and looks to the Ferrari of the future”.

Sadikhov’s main focus in the design was on increasing downforce through aerodynamics, the deletion of wing mirrors and other drag-inducing components, a flat underbody and deforming aerolastic winglets inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia.

The young designer from Azerbaijan attempted to reduce weight through extensive use of carbon-fibre on both the exterior and interior. He wanted his design to be seen as, “very original, elegant, pure, modern, simple,” as well as, “dynamic” and, “lightweight, simple and striking”.

Like Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy, the Xezri is, “supposed to look like beauty fluttering in the wind”.

Unique features abound, like the centrally-mounted F1 / jet fighter inspired cockpit with room for only the driver and twin touch-screens in place of wing mirrors and analogue buttons / switches.

There are also two horizontally mounted air propellers that generate electrical power for the interior and gauges when the Xezri is on the move. And that great silver wing, that dominates the design’s top-down view, doubles as both an air intake and an adjustable aerodynamic spoiler.

It is truly an inspired design, and one of the best Sadikhov has produced so far. I think it would be best to leave you with his summary of the design:

“Xezri [is] designed for [the] owner for whom the priority is on uncompromising on-road performance [and] occasional track day capability, but who still demand a car that is useable in day-to-day driving like all Ferrari’s models.”

Well put, sir. You can check out our full gallery of images and a video below.

Toyota Etios 2013 Coming Soon

Toyota is planning to launch a new small car designed specifically for China in 2013, according to a report from Reuters citing the Nikkei business daily newspaper.
The new small car will be a little larger than the low-cost Etios that is sold in India. A 1.5-liter gasoline engine will power it and prices are expected to begin from under 1 million yen (approximately US$12,853).

Toyota aims to keep the manufacturing costs of its new China-built small car as low as possible by using many parts from the Etios and is willing to spend some 40 billion yen for the local production of the model at a rate of 200,000 units per year.

The Japanese company wants to raise its 5% market share in the Chinese market by launching the new car with its two local joint ventures, China FAW Group and Guangzhou Automobile Group.

It also plans to more than double the production of the Etios in India, from the current number of 80,000 units to 190,000 by the end of 2013. In addition, it intends to produce another low-cost car in Brazil starting from the second half of 2012, at an annual rate of 70,000 units, as well as manufacturing low-priced cars in Indonesia.

Proton Car Concept Luxury Design Image

Proton Car Concept Design Image

Proton Satria (also called the Proton Compact in the UK) is often a sporty 3-door hatchback using the Mitsubishi Mirage / Mitsubishi Colt. Proton gained a great deal of valuable engineering knowledge by reviewing the takeover of Lotus which ultimately led to an exclusive Lotus badged version with the Satria being produced.
Proton Satria GTi is really a 3-door sports hatchback. This became Proton's entry in the sport performance hatchback market. The Satria GTi is popular in Malaysia and contains a substantial following australia wide. It is powered by way of a 4-cylinder 1,800 cc DOHC engine and featured Lotus-tuned suspension.
Proton Satria R3 can be a limited edition road-legal race-spec Satria with only 150 units in production. It provides a double seam-welded lightened chassis and also a tweaked engine with additional aggressive cam timing.
Proton Satria SE will be the last batch of Proton Satrias to roll out. Featuring Proton Arena sports rims and grille, and many extras inside interior just like the Proton Wira SE, this is all of the the Satrias prior to long-awaited SRM (Satria Replacement Model) rolls out.

New Subaru Legacy Luxury Concept Design

New Subaru Legacy Waja (New Subaru Legacy Impian in Europe) is the first New Subaru Legacy to be designed and styled in-house. However, the car's chassis and engine were sourced and adapted from Mitsubishi (except for the 1,800 cc variant, which was powered by a Renault engine). The word Waja translates into English as "steel" while Impian translates into "dreams" or "ambition". The name Impian was chosen as it was considered to be a more pleasant sounding word for the international market. In January 2006, the car was fitted with a CamPro engine which has been re-tuned to boost the horsepower to 86 kW (115 bhp) and 155 N-m of torque. This made it go full-circle, as the CamPro was originally developed for the Waja, but was deemed not ready for production when the Waja was launched, hence debuting in the New Subaru Legacy Gen-2. The facelifted 2007 New Subaru Legacy Waja was launched on 19 January 2007 with the new grille nearly identical to the New Subaru Legacy Savvy. The New Subaru Legacy Waja was initially marketed as a premium product in some markets, but the actual product proved unconvincing, and the ill-judged marketing ploy was quickly dropped.
The Waja was also released as the New Subaru Legacy Chancellor in late 2005, a variant for the executive market with a 250mm wheelbase stretch and luxury fittings and accessories, including a space-robbing rear centre console that restricted seating to four persons. It was fitted with powertrain from the New Subaru Legacy Perdana V6. With a selling price of about twice that of a Waja, the Chancellor is a very rare sight on Malaysian roads.

New Subaru Legacy Concept Design

New Subaru of America launched the Legacy Concept. This idea car will demonstrate the look direction from the Subaru Legacy down the road. Exterior design highlight the sporty and dynamic impression. Subaru Legacy figure with wide and bulging wheel houses an impressive impression of powerful and stable. Subaru Legacy also take advantage of wheel-drive method is the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and a low center of gravity because of the boxer engine.

The inside was pressed on the character of contemporary, high-tech along with comfort to the rider. Legacy is Subaru’s core product since incredible driving performance, safety measures are prominent and powerful.