2012 Honda HSV 010 Spy Shot

2012 Honda HSV 010 Spy Shot

2012 Honda HSV-010 GT Specifications
2012 Honda HSV 010 Specifications

2012 Honda HSV-010 GT performance
2012 Honda HSV 010 Spy Shot characteristics

2012 Honda HSV-010 GT characteristics

Honda had nearly completed the replacement of the NSX is something that we all know. Also remember that the Japanese company, after the stop of the project, converted it to give birth to a race car for the Japan GT Championship, with the pseudonym of HSV-010. Well, since we have already heard some rumors about a return to programs like this HSV car production. The last to appear comes from the German publication Autobild, declaring that the coupe arrives in dealerships with a five-liter V8 from the huge front wheels before the end of 2012. "Believable? Well, first we know that the economy is in the process of recovery that customers are not so red Honda and the car that much development is already completed, but instead see the finished house just now enter into a H War of supercars with Lexus and Nissan, when their main objective remains the hybrid

Honda HSV-010 GT ( Specifications and performance characteristics )

Length x Width x Height (m): 4.675 x 2.000 x (not disclosed)
Wheelbase (m): 2.700
Vehicle weight (kg): 1,100 or more
Engine name: HR10EG
Configuration: Liquid-cooled, naturally aspirated, longitudinal V8
V angle (°): 90
Valve train: Gear-driven DOHC: 2 intake and 2 exhaust valves per cylinder
Displacement (cm3): 3,397
Bore x stroke (mm): 93.0 x 62.5
Compression ratio: (Not disclosed)
Maximum output: 500 or more
Maximum torque(N•m): 392 or more
Throttle control system: Mechanical
Fuel supply system: Programmed fuel injection system (Honda PGM-FI)
Fuel: Lead-free premium gasoline
Lubrication: Dry sump
Transmission mechanism: Constant mesh
Transmission shifting method: Steering paddle shifter
Steering system mechanism: Rack and pinion system with electric power steering (EPS)
Tyres: Front 330/40R18, Rear 330/45R17
Brake type and mechanism: Hydraulic ventilated disc system
Suspension system: Double wishbone
Stabilizer: Torsion bar


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