2010 Renault Dezire

2010 Renault Dezire - Concept Car

Renault Dezire - Concept Car
2010 Renault Dezire - Design and Specification

Renault Dezire - Design and Specification
Renault has provided a preview glimpse of its new concept car Renault Dezire before the Paris Motor Show 2010. Renault Dezire stands out as an illustration of the brand 's commitment to the more emotional styling. Renault Dezire 's sensuous lines and the bright red finish express passion. Driven by an electric motor is Dezire evidence of environmental concern and a love for cars in no case are incompatible. The project is the first Renault Dezire, by Laurens van den Acker to have been conducted and marks the beginning of a sequence of concept cars that look at a Renault Design 'make available; s new vision for the future. It also sets the foundation for styling Terms Renault 's-coming makers. The public will have its first opportunity Dezire Renault at the Paris Motor Show 2010 to see.


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