New Jaguar Model XJ Sentinel

2011 Jaguar XJ Sentinel

The new Jaguar XJ Sentinel offers the ultimate in alert protection, actuality around duplicate from the accepted Jaguar XJ model, yet featuring a avant-garde armouring amalgamation which provides occupants with up to B7 levels of ballistic protection.

New Jaguar Model XJ Sentinel

New Jaguar Model XJ Sentinel

2011 Jaguar XJ Sentinel Specification

New Jaguar Design XJ Sentinel
Benefiting from Jaguar Land Rover's all-encompassing acquaintance in the armoured agent market, the Jaguar XJ Sentinel is supplied with a abounding three-year 50,000 mile branch warranty, forth with absolute after-sales abutment from specialised technicians.

"The Jaguar XJ Sentinel was advised and developed in affiliation with industry leaders, and incorporates the actual latest armoured agent systems to bear acutely absorbing levels of protection, while advancement a actual alert appearance," said Mike O'Driscoll, Managing Director, Jaguar Cars.

"The Jaguar XJ Sentinel is the ultimate armoured affluence limousine. It offers governments, aegis organisations and clandestine individuals, the accomplished akin of security, with avant-garde design, aesthetic achievement and a beautifully-crafted cabin. The Jaguar XJ Sentinel will be the agent of best for the best discerning," he added.

Jaguar engineers focused on ensuring that the Jaguar XJ Sentinel retained the real-world account of the accepted car. Based on the continued wheelbase XJ, the armoured agent maintains that model's comfortable autogenous package, its acute alloy of abundance and agility, and acceptable application application approved banker equipment.


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