2012 Acura TL Limited Edition Review

When the 2011 model of the latest Acura TL was uncovered and brought out in public, there were a lot of expectations behind it that its predecessors had put up for it. The earlier model of Acura (2009) series had to offer just a few enhancements to the existing line-up and therefore the expectations from the new Acura were riding high.

Even though there are no major changes in the exterior styling of the new 2011 Acura TL is not much different from its predecessors, the interiors of the vehicle shows a marked transformation, for the better of course! The vehicle is armed with an entirely new range of features that guarantee safety and comfort. The standard features of the car, however, have not been tampered with and you will find your favourite features still in place. These include the tilt and telescoping of the steering wheel, keyless remote entry, the auto climate control feature, the navigation system unique to the Acura line-up, AM/FM satellite radio, and its voice recognition technology, as well as the DVD-Audio with 8 speaker stereo, the centralized lock system, wireless cellular telephoning facility and energy management feature. There are no significant changes with the seats as wee and the head restrain in the rear seat & the Child seat’s lowered anchor are still very much there. The 4-way passenger power (front) & heated seats also remain.

2011 Acura TL Limited2012 Acura TL Limited Editon Front View

2012 Acura TL Limited Interior Design2011 Acura TL Limited Edition Interior Design

What are The New Features 2011 Acura TL Offers?

The brand new 2011 Acura TL offers more in terms of the safety features which are both standardized and innovative, apart from the information and entertainment features. These are the dual airbags mounted on the front seats which are also called as dual fronts, device for measuring the tire pressure, a system for traction control and trunk release, three-point seatbelts, and light for daytime running, an electronic distribution system for brake force, an electronic stability control and brake assist, & electronic stability control. This car also comes with a warranty for up to 4 running years or up to a stretch of 50000 miles.

When we analyse the novelties brought about towards the engine specifications, the 2011 Acura TL is powered by 3.2-liter sohc 24-valve V6 engine which promises to provide up to 270 horsepower & possesses 238 lb-ft torque. This in turn is paired up with a 6-speed transmission system (manual) that enhances the driving efficiency and the drivers joy simultaneously. The fuel economy of the vehicle is enhanced by the introduction of a transmission system (manual) that conserves fuel consumption. The car earned an EPA Rating of twenty miles per gallon while running on the city roads and it jumped to 30 miles per gallons when highways were considered and such ratings are also to be accredited to the use of manual transmission system in fuel consumption.

2011 Acura TL – Impressive Fuel Economy Rating

The advantageous feature of 2011 Acura TL are not just one but many. The impressive fuel economy rating contributed to by the unique engine chosen & the transmission system(manual) combine together to give the vehicle an impressive fuel economy rating. Next comes the safety feature for both driving as well as multiple passengers. It also provides greater power in handling all variations of driving essentialities. Lastly the four year warranty given by the manufacturer and a whole host of fully loaded variants adds value to the car.

The choices are limited if one wants to choose among a host of transmission or engine systems. This is one major drawback with the car which otherwise seems to have a lot of positives and so it should not pull down the count of its prospective customers
2011 Acura TL Pricing Details

Another feature which could categorize for some as a drawback is that the vehicle does not come cheap. The manufacturers have not yet notified the press on the price specifications for the model but sources expect it to hover around $35000-$43000. Experts believe that the prices are not going to be significantly expensive that the previous Accura’s and the range should start from $35,105 and go up to $42,385 for the most advanced version of the car.

2011 Acura TL Concluding Remarks

The 2011 Acura TL is not a car to be let off easily. It is probably the best possible models of the car till date with features that most of the cars under the stated price band do not offer. Therefore it is not astonishing to see why the car is selling like hot cakes around the world. The major credits of the huge success of the series go to the excellent combination of the incredible engine specifications & a wide range of safety features. Additionally the excellent mileage shown in the fuel economy rating it received also contribute significantly to the cars popularity for those who value the efficiency of their fuel tanks.


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