Haulpak Komatsu 730E is one large dump truck. Judging from its name, we can determine the specifications of these trucks dunp. Haulpak is a brand of that unit in the manufacturer Komatsu. 730 is the capacity of the units of £ 730,000 or 330 Tons.

Haulpak Komatsu 730EHaulpak Komatsu 730E

Haulpak Komatsu 730E WheelHaulpak Komatsu 730E Wheel

Unit Haulpak Komatsu 730EUnit Haulpak Komatsu 730E

Haulpak Komatsu 730E MechanicHaulpak Komatsu 730E Mechanic


Cummins Model K1800E
Diesel Fuel
Number of cylinders 16
Power 1800 HP @ 1900 RPM

Electric Drive
Fuel SaverArus STATEX III with AC / DC
Altenator Drive G.E. GTA-22
General Electric Motor Wheel 788
Gear Ratio 26.82: 1
Mak. Speed 51. km / h
Dinamic Retarding
Activator Electric dynamic retarding
Max. HP 3770 Retard
Number of resistor elements 18

Brake Service
Full Hydraulic Mover
4-wheel braking.
Front Brake Wheel Speed
Rear Brake Motor Speed.
Automatic Emergency Brake works when the hydraulic brake oil pressure decreased.
Parking Brake
Spring activator.
Breakers hydraulic oil pressure.
Armature motor braking.

Battery Electric System
Amount of 4 batteries 12 V 220 AH
Altenator 24 volt, 110 A
24 volt lamp
2 pieces 24 volt starter

Hydraulic System
PUMP TYPES Hoist / dump
Steering / Brake
Pressure relief hoist &
Steering relief pressure 2500 psi
3 stage hoist cylinders

Hoist time
Power up loaded 23 seconds
Power down 13 seconds
Float-down empty 19 seconds

Steering System
Turning radius of 24.4 meters
2-cylinder oil pressure accumulator as steering stabilizers and as emegency when oil pressure is reduced from the standard.
Service Refill Capacity
214 liters of engine oil
Cooling water 314 liters
3217 liters of fuel
Hydraulic 549 liters
Wheel motor gear box 40 liters / pcs

Type II Hydrair
(Oil + air)
Rock service, tubeles, radial.
Size 51 R 36.00

Weight Distribution
Front axle 60 215 kg (47%)
Rear axle 63 812 kg (52.8%)
Total (wet, 50% fuel) 124 028 kg
Front axle 91 396 kg (33.7%)
Rear axle kg 203 444 (66.3%)


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