1986 ViperVette

Remember back in 1975 when Chevy tried to tell us they wouldn't be producing Corvette convertibles anymore? Well, it came back in 1986.

All 1986 Chevrolet Corvette convertibles were Indianapolis Pace Car Replicas and came with a decal package which could be affixed by the dealer. Of 35,109 Corvettes sold in 1986, 7,315 were these pace car convertibles.

1986 ViperVette1986 ViperVette

2015 ViperVette Custom1986 ViperVette Custom

1986 ViperVette Tunning1986 ViperVette Tunning

1986 ViperVette Interior Design1986 ViperVette Interior Design

Anti-lock brakes, advanced lighting, and a key code anti-theft system were made standard in the 1986 model year. The engine remained the same as in 1985, a 5.7-liter L98 rated at 230 horsepower. The 4+3 manual transmission was still available.


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