2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck Review

The 2011 Ford Ranger pickup truck is planned to make its debut at the Australian International Show, from Sydney, which is taking place this week and after this unveiling, it is will be sent to 180 markets around the world, but the USA is not to be found among the 180 markets previously mentioned. The car model is the result of intensive collaboration between Ford and Mazda, the latter being planned to be exposed also at the Australian Motor Show.

2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck

2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck Wallpaper2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck Wallpaper

2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck Interior Design2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck Interior Design

2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck Engine2011 Ford Ranger PickUp Truck Engine

The 2011 Ford offers its customers new six-speed manual and automatic transmissions, three different cab body styles, four series choices and 4x2, 4x4 drivetrains, while the styling and interior features, together with technology make a step forward towards the passenger.
It receives its power from two new common rail Ford Duratorg TDCI diesels, a 2.2-liter TDCI four-cylinder one, featuring 150 HP and 375 Nm, while the other engine is powered by 200 HP and 470 Nm.
The drivers enjoy the safety and pleasure of driving by shifting from 4x2 to 4x4, an action provided by an electronically controlled transfer case, while they can also enable low range gearing.
According to Ford representatives, the new Double Cab features a cargo box which is 100mm wider than before and a volume rated at 1.21 cubic meters.
All models are released being equipped with yaw control and roll-over mitigation, a new Electronic Stability program that provides a four-wheel traction control and side curtain airbags.
The chairman and CEO of Ford Europe, Stephen Odell sees the new model by Ford as a dynamic and interesting one, being expected to raise the sales figures and he is also confident that the customers will be more than excited when the car markets receive it by 2012.
The new Ford series production is planned to begin next summer in Thailand, Rayong, but they are willing to expand their manufacturing in South Africa and Argentina.


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