Toyota Prius Sold 2 Million Cars

The Japanese Motor Corporation Toyota has just made a great announcement. Its hybrid car Toyota Prius has been bought by more than two million people. This makes it the most popular Toyota hybrid car worldwide.

The Toyota Prius has always been a popular choice for hybrid car owners. So the recent announcement does not come as a big surprise. What is surprising, however, is the pace at which Toyota Prius has reached the sale of two million units.

Toyota Prius Sold 2 Million CarsToyota Prius Sold 2 Million Cars

Toyota PriusToyota Prius

2011 Toyota Prius 2011 Toyota Prius

2012 Toyota Prius2012 Toyota Prius

It was in mid-2007 that one million units of the Toyota Prius were sold. It took Toyota more than 10 years to reach this sales figure. But another one million units were sold only in another two and a half years. This only means that the sales have been four times faster this time.

One factor behind this exceptional sell of the Prius could be the rising awareness of global warming. In recent years, the price of petrol has also increased significantly. The hybrid technology in the Prius saves fuel as well as helps to cut Co2 emissions. According to the official combined cycle, the Prius uses 3.9 litres of regular unleaded fuel for every 100 kms. It releases only 89 gms of Co2 per km. This has led to the Prius being the first choice of car buyers.

The Toyota Prius was launched way back in 1997. The popularity of the model shows the success of the efforts of Toyota to promote its hybrid technology. The Toyota Prius hybrid car has had 206,000 deliveries in Europe, 940,000 in North America, 825,000 in Japan and 40,000 in the other parts of the world combined. Overall, the sale of Toyota Prius has exceeded 2.8 million.

In 2008, 285,700 units of the Prius were sold. 2009 saw a bigger jump in its sales with 404,200 being purchased. 401,300 units of the car have been sold in the first nine months of 2010.

The success story of the Toyota Prius is despite the fact that Toyota withdrew 437,000 Prius units last year. The recall was done to repair a fault in the braking system in the cars.

Toyota is now aiming at selling one million hybrid cars annually, starting from this year.


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