Maserati GranTurismo Specification

The Maserati GranTurismo is the first modern, two-door, four-seater coupé that delivers much more than its sensual beauty initially suggests. Pininfarina latest creation was destined for greatness right from its debut at the 2007 Geneva Motorshow. The car can trace its heritage right back to the very first GranTurismo produced by Maserati, the 1947 A6 1500 GT Pininfarina and it also incorporates the innovation and impact of the Birdcage 75th, the futuristic concept car that, in 2005, suggested the lines for future Maserati models.

Maserati GranTurismo DesignMaserati GranTurismo

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Maserati GranTurismo Specification


Displacement: 4.2L
Compression ratio: 11.01
Maximum power output: 405 bhp
RPM at maximum power: 7,100 rpm
Maximum torque: 460 Nm (47 kgm)
RPM at maximum torque: 4,750 rpm
Max engine speed: 7,250 rpm

Size and weight
Length: 4881 mm
Width (with side mirrors): 2056 mm
Height: 1353 mm
Wheelbase: 2942 mm
Curb weight: 1880 kg
Boot capacity: 260 L
Fuel tank capacity: 86 L
Weight distribution: 49% front / 51% rear
Turning circle: 10.7 m

Top speed: 178 mph
0-60 mph acceleration: 5.2 s

Consumption and emissions
Fuel Consumption (urban cycle) 21.58 l/100 Km - 13.1 mpg
Fuel Consumption (extra urban cycle) 10.02 l/100 km - 28.2 mpg
Fuel Consumption (combined cycle) 14.31 l/100 km - 19.7 mpg
CO2 emissions (combined cycle) 330 (g/km)


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