Tata Nano sales may have started out strong, but a number of price increases and several reports of electrical or exhaust fires have resulted in a huge sales plunge for the world's most affordable vehicle.

2011 Tata Nano2011 Tata Nano

2011 Tata Nano Review2011 Tata Nano Review

2011 Tata Nano Wallpaper2011 Tata Nano Wallpaper

2011 Tata Nano Design2012 Tata Nano Design

2011 Tata Nano Review2011 Tata Nano Review

Last month, Tata sold just 509 copies of the micro mini – a far cry from the massive waiting list for the Nano back in 2009.

Automotive News reports that the Indian automaker is looking to once again win over perspective buyers by introducing a four-year factory warranty. What's more, Tata will extend the warranty to all 70,000 owners already in the books. The Car Hybrid automaker has attempted to fix the vehicle fire issue as well, offering all 70,000 owners the option of installing "additional safety protection in the exhaust system and the electrical system." Tata claims that foreign contaminants in and around the electrical system and exhaust system could be responsible for the fires.


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