PORSCHE 918 HYBRID At North American International Auto Show

Porsche 918 Hybrid

Porsche 918 hybrid
Porsche car manufacturer tried to steal the public's attention the world community especially the United States through the arena North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2011 in Detroit, the United States.

There, the Porsche 918 featuring a hybrid. The car is fused between environmentally friendly race car, the Porsche GT3 and Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid ever shown at the Geneva Motor Show last year.

As reported by telegraph, on Tuesday (01/11/2011) the total energy released supercar engine is 756 bhp. From the machine that carries conventional V8 engine with 6 speed burst transmission power of 555 bhp and 201 bhp out the electric motor which is distributed to the front wheels.

Porsche party claims, the impetus given electric motor to the front wheels is useful to run a Porsche 918 menstrabilkan hybrid. The energy gain obtained electric motor car when the car is braking.

Other information says Porsche 918 Hybrids Cars can accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour within 3.2 seconds. And for maximum speed, sporty car is reportedly capable of running up to a top speed of 320 km per hour.

Porsche 918 hybrid body made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic that is lightweight but strong. Car aerodynamics is also growing thanks to the application of spoiler in the back that is useful to improve rear stability.

Porsche 918 himself plans to release hybrid with price 500,000 euros, or about USD 5.87 billion.


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