2010 Gordon Murray T.25 Car Concept

2010 Gordon Murray T.25 Concept

2010 Gordon Murray T.25 Concept
2010 Gordon Murray T.25 Concept

2011 Gordon Murray T.25 Car Review
Gordon Murray Design ', the car s T.25 City, made his first public appearance at the Smith School'; s World Forum on Business and the Environment at Oxford. The T.25 is a major breakthrough in the design of city car in the areas of weight, footprint, security, efficiency and effectiveness. While applying a holistic approach and appropriate goal for the design and development of the T.25, design, Gordon Murray took the opportunity to integrate solutions to multiple problems urban mobility T.25 design. This reduces capital investment in the assembly plant of at least 80%. Yet the flexibility of this means that the same assembly plant could be used to manufacture different variants.

The design process iStream is a complete re-think on high volume materials, such as the manufacturing process and lead to a significant reduction in the full life cycle CO2.

* Low capital investment / return on investment.
* Lightweight.
* Manufacture of low energy.
* Structure ultra safe.
* Product design flexibility.
* Chassis long life.
* Variations low cost.
* Materials reused.
* Costs and damage distribution reduced.
* Repair of accidents low cost.
* Body flexible tooling white.
* Small plant footprint. Occasions decentralized manufacturing and assembly.
* Plants quiet and clean.
* No factory paint factory biw.
* Vehicle quick.
* Low capital investment in tooling.

The T.25 was recently seen testing on public roads and featured in many publications, but the forum in the world of school, Smith was the first public appearance and design of Gordon Murray are excited to now be able to release the first images because of 'inside of s and seating position.


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