The 2011s are in Canada

New for 2011 wheels

2011 Cooper front end

2011 Cooper S Cabrio front end

2011 Cooper S Clubman front end

The 2011s are here !!! Here are couple pics of the FIRST 2011s delivery to dealer lots in Canada. Notice the new wheels on Cooper S Clubman (R55) and Cooper S Cabrio (R57). The new front bumpers are a bit more aggressive with the chrome trimmed air inlets. Clean and not overdone. The new front bumper on the Cooper is also a nice upgrade. A wider and larger grill gives a more aggressive appearance but still has an clean, smooth, elegant look. The new all black HVAC and radio/CD/deck controls looks nice too. Not that there was anything wrong with the old silver controls but still looks appropriate. Overall it feels like the facelift that happend in 2005. Subtle changes that made the model that much better.


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