5 Reasons why everyone should use a K&N Air filter

K&N has been around a long time. As long as I can remember anyway. They basically pioneered the reusable air filter. A brilliant idea at the time and still a brilliant one today. K&N also makes first class products in terms of quality, fitment and performance. So that being said, here are 5 reasons why you should have a K&N OEM replacement air filter in your vehicle.

1. Your engines now makes more power - By removing the factory filter with a filter element the restriction to airflow is now less. This results in a greater volume of air being pulled into the engine when operating. The more available air thus the more fuel you can efficiently used resulting in more combustion and power. This really only applies to an engine running at higher RPM or under heavier loads... but everyone need likes a bit more power.

2. It does not void your vehicle warranty - One of K&N's claims to fame was that you could use their air filters and, by law, would not void your factory warranty. This, of course, is very important to vehicles in the warranty period because you basically pay for the factory warranty in the price of the car and without it your just throwing money away. And subject to pay for all your own repair bills. K&N also claims that if their air filter is the direct result of engine damage in your car they will pay the bill. They warranty their air filters for a million miles.

3. Increased economy - Now that the air filter is less restrictive there is less pumping loses on the engine. Since the there is less pumping loses the engine now performs more efficiently which means fuel is being used more efficiently. This means the same engine now requires slightly less fuel to do the same job. Of course this does not mean you can drive around town with your foot to the floor and expect better fuel milage. But these days it seems every cents counts.

4. You do not have to buy another air filter - This means every time your OEM filter gets dirty you don't have to do to the dealer to buy another one and toss the old one in the garbage. This cuts down on waste, time and money. Plus now you can clean it at midnight or 6 in the morning or whenever is most convenient for you. Not on the dealerships or other shop's time schedule.

5. They are emissions legal - K&N filters are covered by EPA law to be free of defects and do not increase harmful emissions. Since an engine with a K&N filter is more efficient it may even produce less emissions. So you can feel good about the environment too.

6. I have one in all my cars - Not a big reason but theres a reason I use them.


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