2010 Chrysler 200 launhed in Europe

Although the new 200 has just been launched on the car market, being planned to go on sale in the U.S. later this year, the producers of the new 200 sedan seem not to waste time and announce that the car model may be launched in Europe as Lancia and Chrysler in the UK. The Fiat Group has taken such a decision, focusing on helping boost fleet sales in Germany and UK, which are considered to be important markets.

2010 Chrysler 200 Wallpaper2010 Chrysler 200 Wallpaper

2012 Chrysler 200 Engine2012 Chrysler 200 Engine

2011 Chrysler 200 Front View2011 Chrysler 200 Front View

2010 Chrysler 200 Back View2010 Chrysler 200 Back View

The CEO of the Chrysler and Lancia brands in Europe, Olivier Francois, stated to Autonews Europe that they were trying to observe the opportunity of a business case by running numbers.
Thus, the drivers of the U.S. are offered a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engines, while the 200 will not be available featuring a diesel engine in the United States. If you were curious to find out whether certain European markets provide the current Sebring is offered with a 2.0-liter CRDI turbodiesel engine, the report does not specify this aspect.
Anyway, the company takes a great risk, concerning the recovery of the investment, as the car is offered with a high price and, probably, this would not have been so serious if the company had not intended to replace the car with a new model for both Chrysler and Lancia brands, sometime in 2013.
As the report states, the company will spend a large amount of money,50 million more exactly, in order to modify the 200 in order to meet the European requirements by adapting the car model for a diesel engine, together with redesigned elements, such as lights and bumpers.
If Fiat decides to badge the car as Lancia, the second half of 2011 hosts the cars arrival on the market.


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