Audi A1 TFSI S1 Specification Review

Audi surprised its fans by taking the wraps off its top-of-the-line A1 TFSI hatchback, providing a package for everything, except for the sink and the S1 nameplate. According to some rumours and inside sources, the Quattro all-wheel drive featured every S model in the history of the company, but it seems that the A1`s platform cannot accommodate the basic feature. Probably, they will find a way in the future to accommodate it.

Audi A1 TFSIAudi A1 TFSI

Audi A1 TFSI WallpaperAudi A1 TFSI Wallpaper

Audi A1 TFSI Dasdboard DesignAudi A1 TFSI Dasdboard Design

Audi A1 TFSI EngineAudi A1 TFSI Engine

Audi A1 TFSI InteriorAudi A1 TFSI Interior

As the UK`s Autocar reveals, it appears that a business case is being developed within the VW Group in order to make the platform accept the extra driveshaft. Thus, the Audi S1 would become Quattro-driven, but the need to justify the cost, the Volkswagen Polo may get a couple of models driven on all fours. Among the models, we can name the Polo R and the CrossPolo soft-roader, which provides actual traction to back up its butch styling.


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