2010 Volkswagen Microbus

You probably have noticed that Hyundai is on a roll lately. Whereas the newly-wed Fiat and Chrysler couple are trying to tidy up the mess left by Daimler -for the most part- with makeovers and tweaks, the South Korean automaker, which also owns Kia, is churning out one new model after the other.

2010 Volkswagen Microbus Concept2010 Volkswagen Microbus Concept

2010 Volkswagen Microbus Wallpaper2010 Volkswagen Microbus Wallpaper

2012 Volkswagen Microbus Concept Car2012 Volkswagen Microbus Concept Car

2011 Volkswagen Microbus Car Concept2011 Volkswagen Microbus Car Concept

There were plans to offer a production version of the 2010 Microbus concept that made a splash at that year's Detroit Motor Show, but cost considerations put an end to that project. A new Microbus is back on, according to Bischoff, and Volkswagen is trying to figure out how conventional or creative to go. VW's design offices across the globe are being asked for their input to develop a vehicle with wide influence, and platforms and powertrains are up in the air. If this rumor sticks, we're likely to see a concept in 2012.


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