Ginetta G55

The Ginetta G50 has so far been the star of the Ginetta GT Supercup, a one-make support series for the British Touring Car Championship. There's a brighter star on the way next year, though, when Ginetta introduces the G55. The new car will compete alongside the G50 in next year's races but in its own class and with separate a points system and podium ceremony.

Ginetta G55Ginetta G55

Ginetta G55 WallpaperGinetta G55

To go along with its more aggressive looks and aero, the G55's Ford engine is 3.7 liters instead of the G50's 3.5, and it puts out 370 horsepower - 70 horses more than the G50. Other tweaks include beefier brakes front and back and a new exhaust. Current G50 owners can upgrade to the G55 for £25,000 ($39,219 U.S.), or privateers can buy the car new for £75,000 ($117,661 U.S.).

Ginetta's latest will be publicly unveiled at Autosport International on January 13 in Birmingham, England. Follow the jump for the press release, and get a couple of glimpses in the gallery of images below.


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