Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus Widestar

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 'Gullwing' looks just fine in factory tune. But not for Brabus. The German tuning house chose this week's Essen Motor Show to present its "wide-body" take on the Gullwing model.

Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus WidestarMercedes SLS AMG Brabus Widestar

Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus Widestar WallpaperMercedes SLS AMG Brabus Widestar Wallpaper

Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus Widestar InteriorMercedes SLS AMG Brabus Widestar Interior

Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus WidestarMercedes SLS AMG Brabus Widestar

The aero package is called Widestar and it encompasses a front spoiler, a rear apron with a new diffuser, blistered rear wheel arches with air inlets and outlets, and a boot lid spoiler. Engineers also sculpted the rocker panels, optimizing airflow between axles, and added bigger air outlets for the front fenders.

All components are made from carbon fiber and have been tested in the firm's wind tunnel. Clients can choose between a matte or glossy clear-coated finish for the body parts. If that's not their thing, optionally, the company can paint them in the body's color or in a contrasting tone.

To complement the SLS' new look, the ride height was lowered by 30 mm and a new, height-adjustable suspension was developed in collaboration with Bilstein. The driver can adjust the suspension's height with the touch of a button to make the car sportier or more comfortable than the stock SLS. Stiffer sway bars are also on the [optional] menu.

There's no Brabus without a proper set of wheels and the Widestar SLS is no exception. The Germans offer custom tailored ultra-light 20- and 21-inch front and rear Monoblock F Platinum Edition forged wheels, wrapped around in 275/30 ZR20 and 295/25 ZR21 Yokohama rubber. The new rims are bigger and lighter reducing unsprung weight and, thus, improving handling, the tuner claims.

Under the bonnet you'll find the same 6.2-liter V8 engine, albeit fitted with a high-performance and lighter (-12 kg or -26 lbs.) titanium exhaust system with sound management, which increases power by 10 hp.

As for the interior, Brabus offers a plethora of custom options, ranging from carbon fiber inlays in any desired color to an ergonomically shaped steering wheel. Premium upholstery is also offered, made from the fine leather and Alcantara.


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