2013 Toyota Vitz New Design

2013 Toyota Vitz New Design

2012 Toyota Vitz2012 Toyota Vitz

2014 Toyota VITZ2014 Toyota VITZ

2012 Toyota Vitz Interior2012 Toyota Vitz Interior

2013 Toyota VITZ Specification2013 Toyota VITZ Specification

2012 Toyota Vitz HD Wallpaper2012 Toyota Vitz HD Wallpaper

Do you now the Toyota Vitz? It's one of the auto giant's biggest sellers in the Japanese Domestic Market, accounting for over 1.4 million units since its introductory model in 1999. But the compact hatchback isn't exclusive to Japan: in export markets, it's known to us as the Yaris, and Toyota's sold more than 3.5 million of them around the world. And now it has introduced the third generation.

Abandoning the cartoonish styling of its predecessor, the new Vitz/Yaris is considerably sharper in the design department. It's also more fuel efficient and less polluting to the environment. And while overall dimensions remain compact, the interior has grown in capacity for added comfort and utility, utilizing a new type of glass to filter out 99 percent of UV radiation.

The Vitz is offered domestically with a range of engines and trim levels – from 1.0- to 1.5-liter engines, with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, with CVTs, manu-matics and stick shifts, a start-stop system and even upscale Jewela and RS trims – though the North American Yaris will undoubtedly constrict the choices some. Follow the jump for additional details and click the thumbnails below for a closer look.


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