Times are still tough in the automotive industry, prompting several automakers to cut back their racing programs over the past few years. Renault is the latest to join them, selling their F1 team to Lotus.

Megane Renaultsport N4Megane Renaultsport N4

Megane Renaultsport N4 WallpaperMegane Renaultsport N4 Wallpaper

Megane Renaultsport N4 Cabin DesignMegane Renaultsport N4 Cabin Design

Megane Renaultsport N4 Safety PipeMegane Renaultsport N4 Safety Pipe

Megane Renaultsport N4 Sport CarMegane Renaultsport N4 Sport Car

But the French automaker's motorsport division is still glad to sell you what you need to go racing or rallying yourself. They've retasked the department to provide engines to a growing array of F1 teams, and while they were at it, have put together a new rally package as well.

The Megane RS N4 is a tarmac rally machine built to Group N specifications and available to privateer rally teams. Its 2.0-liter turbo four has been upped from 247 horsepower to 265 and packaged with an Ohlins suspension, Sabelt racing buckets, upsized brakes and a limited-slip differential – all of which makes for a compelling package. Check out the full details in the press release after the jump and the images in the gallery below for a closer look.


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