Cool Skoda Yeti Luxury Car Wallpapers

Cool Skoda Yeti Car Wallpapers
People do not tire of talking about the mythical creature, white fur and sharp teeth, living in the mountains of ice. Although they have never met, people still speak with great conviction of their meeting with residents of peace high spin, which is said to show the soul loses many regional lines of eternal ice security of the valley below. Škoda Auto celebrated a new member of our models, which have been given names that help people, snow:

This is the aim of the designers had in mind when developing Skoda Yeti, five in the range of Škoda models incorporate the virtues which so far has been directed by a car in a completely different segment, but does not exist in a single vehicle. In other words, handling and comfort of driving mid-range classic, combined with brilliant off-road capabilities. That the vehicle shall also provide a space above average, high capacity and a high towing capacity increased its share further.

Skoda Yeti will have both petrol and diesel variants. Price of Yeti SUV is not yet fixed. But it would higher than top model of Fabia and less than that of Skoda Octavia 2010. The main competitors of Skoda Yeti in India are Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari.


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